Saturday, November 13, 2010

First Annual Sweets MeetUp Oct 13th to Oct 17th -- Day 3

Really... really... really?! It's been a whole month last the meet- up and I haven finished blogging about it yet.  I'll try my best to remember now since it has been so long.

Day 3. -- A day in Big Bear

Early in the morning, Heather drove Karen and Kim down the mountain. They were leaving us already... and we just got there. boo hiss!

And Deb was not feeling well at all...She threw up. We were all worried about her but she insisted that the rest of us go out and enjoy the day... and all she wanted before we left was some Sprite and ice. 

So Kila, Ginny, Elle, Melissa, and I went up the mountain even more to Big Bear. The ride up wasn't so pleasant because Kila, Melissa, and I were all car sick. We're just not made for the mountains. LOL. But we had fun when we arrived.

Melissa, Giny, Fen, Kila, Elle

Kila and me posing with a big bear ;)

Mama Mel looking at baby stuff

Elle holding up "The sacred sisterhood of Wonderful Wacky Women" -- sounds like us! :D

mmmmm...mmmm delish cupcake at the Copper Q cafe.

Sweet Ginny.

Melissa, Ginny, Fen, Elle

Kila had me model her son's new hat. be continued.

Fen Li