Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Annual Sweets MeetUp Oct 13th to Oct 17th - Day 2

Day 2 of the Sweets Meetup!
Heather got up early and left for work. The rest of us spent the day chillin' around the cabin. The day began with Karen giving all of us massages. hahaha... ;P
I believe the lucky chick on the table is Kim.

After massages and showers, a bunch of us decided to take a stroll around the mountain and enjoy the view.

Proud mama Mel

Kim being a dork.

And we did some crafting.

We were scheduled for the Skype chat with Holly Anne (her virtual baby shower) that evening but found out that the malt shoppe closed at 2pm. We were kinda frantic. The only phone that was capable of tethering to a laptop (mine) didn't have a connection up at the mountains. I called my hubby from Elle's phone for help since he is an I.T. guy. He got crabby because it was the first time I've called since I got up to the mountain and it was for help. LOL ;)

Long story short, we had to get to the malt shoppe to download a program for Elle's laptop so we could connect to her phone to go online later. And we had delicious malts. Yum!
Deb and Kim also tagged along because they can't stay away from their Etsy shops.

We then had dinner. 

And then we went on Skype. We were able to chat with Holly Anne, Lauren, and Amy.

Elle wore her Canada shirt in honor of Holly Anne living in Canada.

It was super fun chatting with Holly Anne and the girls. After Lauren and Amy went to bed (it was almost midnight for them), we plucked the laptop and walked around the cabin and gave HA a virtual tour. And we also "met" Ryan, Courtney, and some furry animal (I don't remember what... dog?, I was tired. lol)

And alcohol was involved through out the day ... that goes without saying, of course ;) 

Heather came back up the mountain after a long day's work... made snarky remarks, drank some wine and then showed Karen how to make pitcher covers all the whilst whining. ;)

End of Day 2. Next post, Day 3 with Big Bear Lake, taco night, margaritas, and then 6 strangers show up at the cabin wanting to kick us out.

Fen Li

Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 1 Birthday Party

My first attempt at posting a video:

Saturday, October 23, 2010

First Annual Sweets MeetUp Oct 13th to Oct 17th -- Day 1 Continued...

Day 1 continued...

By the time we got up to the cabin in the mountains, it must have been about 9pm already... we were all so tired and didn't get many pictures. The drive up the mountain was about 1 1/2 hours. We were all super exhausted and most of us were up since 3 am in the morning to make our flights...

The moment that we walked into the cabin, we were greeted by Heather's stepmom Cyndy and dad Kevin, and two huge swarms of moths inside the cabin! They were having a ball just chillin' by the two lightbulbs on the ceiling. There must have been hundreds of those buggers flying around. We were all freaked out, especially Ginny who is deadly afraid of moths like most people are afraid of snakes.

Ginny remained unbelievably calm...more calm than I would have been if I walked into a cabin full of snakes. LOL. Ginny, Deb, and I were standing huddled in a corner...and Ginny whispers to Deb, "I think there's a mouse behind you." Yikes. Deb makes a face, freaks silently, and looks behind her. Luckily, it wasn't a mouse...just some lint or something. But heck, thanks for adding more to the already freakish moment, Ginny! LOL.

Cyn had a moment of freak-out and didn't know what to do... but ultimately, she opened the door and turned off the lights and let the moths fly out. There were still some lingering ones that stayed behind... Kevin was in the back and we could hear the ruckus of him trying to get rid of the moths. And Cyn was in the main cabin with us and she was hitting them with a rolled up newspaper.

Finally, Cyn and Kevin left but there were still some residual moths still lingering around to keep us company. We started to make dinner. At this time, Miss Kila decided to show up! :)

For dinner, we had rotisserie chicken, salad, and a selection of olives. 

It was Kim's birthday so Heather got a cake! Elle will post a video soon of the birthday celebrations :D Deb gave everyone Ophelia goodies based on their past purchase histories. heehee... yum! Elle made everyone monogrammed tote bags.  And I made everyone beaded butterfly hair bobbies.

Here's just a few of the pictures I have...

Ginny and Elle settling down before dinner begins.

After dinner, we settled down and went to sleep upstairs. Needless to say, we didn't have that great of a first night sleep because of the excitement earlier and not to mention the foreign beds. Karen had the worst bed because it creaked like crazy... we talked all night until we were too exhausted and fell asleep. 

To be continued... Day 2.

Fen Li

First Annual Sweets MeetUp Oct 13th to Oct 17th

So the trip is over and we all had a great time. Our group have known each other for almost 3 years online and we finally got to meet! It was surreal! We talked to each other like we've known each other forever, even though it's the 1st time we've meant each other in person.
Day 1:

Kim, Fen, Elle, and Deb meet at the Enterprise car rental place right after getting off the plane.
Next, the 4 of us headed over to the Topanga mall where Deb's products are displayed. Before that, we headed over to the Target to get some supplies ...
Deb got a pillow, socks, shoes, and an object that will not be disclosed ;) -- Elle got a more comfy pair of shoes...and I got a towel. Kimster packed her whole life with her for the trip, so she didn't need to pick up anything.

We met up with Karen and Heather outside Target and we all proceeded to head over the the Greenbodee shop where Deb's products are on display.

Look at the happy beaming lady there with her things on the shelve. Deb didn't know we were surprising her with a trip to the mall after we got off the plane. Deb's partner in crime, Heather (her Heather, not our Heather), contacted Elle (our most excellent and gracious driver) two weeks prior to the trip and wanted to know if we can surprise Deb with the trip to the mall to see her things on display.

After the mall trip, Heather and Karen went back home while the 4 of us went back to the airport to pick up Melissa and Ginny, the later arrivals. After we picked them up, we went back to Heather's house to make up the grocery list and ALL 8 of us went to the grocery store to pick up the food for the cabin.

Elle grabbing us roast chickens for dinner. After a long tiring day, we were in no mood to cook.

Deb, our designated cart pusher, with our stash of food.

It was quite a sight with the 8 of us food shopping at the grocery store.

We got our food and headed up the cabin in the mountain... more pictures to come once I obtain them from Sweets who have pics of the dinner.

Next blog post: the excitement that surrounded the cabin when we got there... stay tuned ;)

Fen Li