Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Sweets are going to Orlando!

Some of you have inquired about the Florida trip. Here's how it all happened.

Holly Anne and her tattoo-artist husband, Ryan, were going to head to Orlando May 6th to May 9th for a  tattoo convention. She wanted to meet the Floridian sweets, Jennifer and Nora.

Deborah decided she wanted to go and meet the sweets as well. Then everybody checked out flights, etc. and now 12 of us have decided that it's within our budgets to travel to Florida for a sweets meet-up.

When, Where, and How?
We're still deciding on all of that. Jennifer has volunteered to look at lodging for all of us. Elle has suggested we rent a condo. Once all the details are set, it shall all be announced.

Nothing's set in stone, but here are the Sweets who have expressed interest in going:

Holly Anne (flying) - from British Columbia, traveling with another couple for the convention
Elle (driving) - from Georgia
Sarah (hitching a ride with Elle, possibly) - from Georgia
Fen (flying) - from Wisconsin
Kila (flying) - from California
Melissa (flying) - from Indiana, possibly going with DH
Jennifer  (driving) - from Tampa, FL
Nora (driving)- from Boca Raton, FL
Deborah (flying) - from Kansas, coming with her partner Heather
Ginny (flying) -from California, still deciding
Kim (flying)- from Colorado, possibly staying one night
Meagan (flying)- from New Jersey, still deciding

All sweets are welcome to join in! More details will be announced as things progress. Thanks Jennifer for checking out our lodging.



Pretty Betty said...

omg I can't even wait for this to happen, and hubs is ok with an all sweeeets day...for a whole DAY while I am there! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!

Nora said...

can't wait either
I'd love to know the date to save it...

OpheliasApothecary said...

i'm so excited! i cannot wait! we are going to have a blast....and so fun to actually get to meet each other!:) hugs and loves!

jubilantwares said...

I have to think creatively and see how I can save up for it and leave the kiddos and want to go!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Wow - that's so cool! Congrats to everyone who gets to go :)

maddyandme said...

I will probably have to be a last minute decision-maker. I will eagerly devour details as they develop. This could be epic !

beadifulbaublesSC said...

oh I so wish I could come... but so excited for you all and I will be anxiously awaiting photos!

Crickets Creations: Handcrafted Fashion Accessory Scarves and Fringies Professional Photo Portrait Props said...

Sounds totally awesome!!!