Monday, February 22, 2010

March Craft Challenge Voting Open

Can you believe that February is almost over? That means that winter is almost over for most of us! Yay! Sorry, Kylie, because I guess that means your summer is almost over, and that always makes me sad.

Please vote for the craft challenge you want to participate in next month. You can choose up to 3. And, as always, participation is entirely voluntary. No prizes either, just the satisfaction of trying something new. I know several of us have really gotten into the crocheting challenge, and have a new appreciation for yarn. I can't wait to see the mugs either.

Only 6 days to vote with this poll, darn that short February, so don't delay, vote today!


Kara said...

And I'm even going to finish next moth's. Really I am. Or possibly January's, by next month.

Can we have an ongoing challenge for very slow sweets?

Elle said...

Sure, take as long as you need, honey!