Friday, March 19, 2010

February Bonus Craft Challenge -- Drink Up

I wanted to post the results of the Bonus Craft Challenge For February... decorating porcelain mugs with special pens. Ten of us dedicated some time and resources tracking down Pebeo pens, and some appropriate mugs to discover an easy, and thoroughly addicting new craft. After experimenting with another kind of pen that says it is designed to write on ceramics, Kila found out that yes, indeed, the kind that require baking in the oven to achieve permanency are what you need. Any type of porcelain mug will do. Deb discovered that Pebeo pens are not food/beverage safe, so her mug, with a beautiful sun on the inside, has become a pen holder.

I think Sue made the most mugs, making one for everyone in her family for Valentine's Day. Take a look at some of our efforts:

Well done, Deb, Elle, Kila, Kim, Meagan, Melissa, Sarah, Sue, Wendy and Kylie! Click here to see the larger versions of the pictures, so you can see the great quotes, and to see some other views of these mugs.

 Have you started on your paper flowers yet or checked out what's blooming with some great spring photography? I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

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earlybird said...

Oh they are all so lovely :) Great work girls!