Monday, March 1, 2010

March Craft Challenge Poll Results

 photo from Our Fun Life

The results are in, and we can see that making paper flowers is the clear winner for our challenge this month. Ginny has graciously done some research for us, and found us lots of fun tutorials to choose from. These include tutorials from Dozi; Imagine, Create, Inspire; Folding Trees; Balzar Designs; Our Fun Life; It's in the Details; rebecca sower's weblog; Honestly Speaking; plants blog; another one from It's in the Details; A Fanciful Twist; and finally, one more from Folding Trees.

Thanks so much, Ginny, for doing some work for us, so we can just jump right in!

Finally, every month, as we chat, we come up with new things to add to our challenge list. So I made an executive decision to add a second bonus challenge like we had last month. This way, we can cover more crafts, and if one thing doesn't appeal, or is more cost prohibitive you can still participate. Of course, all participation is completely voluntary!

Anyway, two things came in second in the poll, decoupage and art photography. I made an executive decision to make the art photography our second challenge, because I know we all have cameras. The challenge here is to step away from your light boxes and items, and release your inner photographer. Kids, pets, sunsets, melting snow. I have a feeling that we'll all come up with some spectacular photos. Post as many as you want to your personal flickr accounts, but limit your challenge submission to one or two favorites.

You still have time to post your crocheting and mug challenge pictures. I'll do the round up of those at the end of this week.


earlybird said...

Ooooooo!! The anticipation is too much to bear! Can't wait to get started on both projects. Ta Elle for keeping it all running smoothly :)

Veelana said...

Awesome challenges! I can't wait to read up on the paper flower tutorials!