Saturday, October 23, 2010

First Annual Sweets MeetUp Oct 13th to Oct 17th

So the trip is over and we all had a great time. Our group have known each other for almost 3 years online and we finally got to meet! It was surreal! We talked to each other like we've known each other forever, even though it's the 1st time we've meant each other in person.
Day 1:

Kim, Fen, Elle, and Deb meet at the Enterprise car rental place right after getting off the plane.
Next, the 4 of us headed over to the Topanga mall where Deb's products are displayed. Before that, we headed over to the Target to get some supplies ...
Deb got a pillow, socks, shoes, and an object that will not be disclosed ;) -- Elle got a more comfy pair of shoes...and I got a towel. Kimster packed her whole life with her for the trip, so she didn't need to pick up anything.

We met up with Karen and Heather outside Target and we all proceeded to head over the the Greenbodee shop where Deb's products are on display.

Look at the happy beaming lady there with her things on the shelve. Deb didn't know we were surprising her with a trip to the mall after we got off the plane. Deb's partner in crime, Heather (her Heather, not our Heather), contacted Elle (our most excellent and gracious driver) two weeks prior to the trip and wanted to know if we can surprise Deb with the trip to the mall to see her things on display.

After the mall trip, Heather and Karen went back home while the 4 of us went back to the airport to pick up Melissa and Ginny, the later arrivals. After we picked them up, we went back to Heather's house to make up the grocery list and ALL 8 of us went to the grocery store to pick up the food for the cabin.

Elle grabbing us roast chickens for dinner. After a long tiring day, we were in no mood to cook.

Deb, our designated cart pusher, with our stash of food.

It was quite a sight with the 8 of us food shopping at the grocery store.

We got our food and headed up the cabin in the mountain... more pictures to come once I obtain them from Sweets who have pics of the dinner.

Next blog post: the excitement that surrounded the cabin when we got there... stay tuned ;)

Fen Li


earlybird said...

Ahhhh LOVE all the pics! You all look so happy, can't wait for Day 2 :D

ginny said...

Great post Fen'ster! We had a blast, and I sure do miss my sweets!

Elle said...

Fen, I love the play by play! Thanks forsharing our memories with everyone!

~Elle said...

Thanks Fen. Love the description since I missed this part of the trip. It really was a great experience!

RainyDayArt said...

Great post Fen, but I was so not ready for that picture. :p

Heather said...

Yay! I love having narrative to go with the pictures. I cannot wait for the next installment :)

Susan said...

Wonderful to read about..heartwarming that you are all so close!
Susan :)