Saturday, May 7, 2011

Do you want a meet up?

First, I'd love to call it something else. A Sweet Get Away? Sweet Rendevouz? Any ideas?

Second, it's really hard to plan these kinds of things with people flung far and wide, with various and varying responsibilities, both of the family and financial kind. So... lets gather up some information.

I've made up 2 surveys... two, because with a free basic membership you only get 10 questions... to try to make some of the planning easier. Even if you aren't interested in a trip, let us know that too. The more info we have, the easier it will be to make some plans.

You may notice some interesting responses in the 2nd survey. Just keepin' y'all on your toes!

Anyway, where is the survey. Scan your eyes to the right sidebar at the top, and click on the links. The surveys (fill out both, please) are short and sweet (no pun intended).

~Elle, Jenna Belle Designs

2 comments: said...

Would love a Sweet Retreat! :)

ginny said...

Sweet retreat! That's a perfect term Kila :D!