Friday, May 20, 2011

Survey Says...

I've crunched some numbers, as they say, and wanted to give you a little summary of the 2 surveys, before I write up a new one refining our Sweet Retreat 2011 plans! Click on the map to see the whole thing. The red dots on the map are everyone's location that is a current member (on the list as of today, May 20th), except for Kylie, Vee and Rachel, obviously. The ones with green circles around them are members that indicated they want to attend a retreat, and left their name, or other clues that they filled out the survey. Not everyone left their name.

22 (twenty-two!!!) indicated that they are interested in a retreat. The top two months are August and September, and the majority indicated that 3 days and 2 nights (a weekend, basically) is the perfect length, but if it turns out to be longer 100% said they are fine with staying for just part of the retreat.

Destination desires are a little more spread out, and will definitely need to be refined. If memory serves, California got a lot of votes, but since we were there last October, in fairness to vast majority of us weighing down the North America from the midwest eastward, my executive decision is to leave it off the list for the next round of voting.

The beach was the #1 pick with 77% of you voting for it. Urban areas got 50% of the vote (this was a multiple pick question), so urban beach, anyone? Actually, that isn't that hard to accomplish with lots of fun cities located on beaches. Too bad the Mississippi River is wreaking such havoc, or New Orleans could be fun. St. Augustine was a suggestion worth looking into.

Everyone wanted a kitchen, or said it didn't matter, so I think a kitchen it is! That will point us to a rental house or condo most likely.

Look for another question about the kiddos on the next survey.

And the all important, but hardest question of all... how much can you spend. 20 of you answered this question. Here is the breakdown:
$151-300, 20%, (4 of you)
$301-400, 30% (6)
$401-500, 15% (3)
$501-600, 5% (1)
$601-800, 10% (2)
and a whopping 20% (4) said they would pay whatever it costs, you just aren't going to miss this event!

Now, how do we interpret this kind of information? I have a couple of ide150as, and will try to formulate questions around them. If you have any suggestions for questions in the budget area, please comment here! I'm no statistician. It's no secret that we have different financial obligations, and different economic realities. If I can afford to pay more than person "A", I don't have a problem with that. What about anyone else? If you can't afford to pay as much, would you feel bad if you couldn't contribute as much? These are kind of rhetorical at this point, but my idea is that just as a mathematical example...

Taking the upper limit of each category (except obviously those that will pay whatever it takes), and the # of people in said category, we get $6300. Of course, there are travel expenses, so let's divide this in half. That gives us $3150 for accommodations and food, and other group stuff. Do y'all see where I'm going with this? Basically, put your money in the collective pot, and we'll go from there is the idea.

OK, that's it for now. Look for the next survey to help us refine the 3 most critical things we need to know: WHEN to go, WHERE to go, and HOW MUCH will it cost.

Can't wait to meet you alll! It's become my mission in life!
~Elle, Jenna Belle Designs.

P.S. The old surveys are closed now.

8 comments: said...

So, we need possibly two condo's that would host 10 people each or one very large home? Assuming 15-20 people commit? I know certain cities more often have airfare discounts so maybe close to one/major airport. I'll bring it up first...I'd prefer no children or at least one condo with none, I'd want an actual...retreat. Hope that does not make anyone feel bad. And I need a bit of notice to plan and save since I don't use credit.
Otherwise, urban beach sounds good to me. Somewhere where the air shuttle can drop us and everything we need is walking distance until they pick us up again.:)

amyfine said...

great job Elle, am thinking about places

jd said...

gonna throw out an idea here, and this may be a moot point for me anyway financially... unfortunately we are kind of going month to month... but what I suggest is looking into somewhere like Isle of Palms, SC... right over the bridges from Charleston... and on the beach.. when I lived out there and did wedding set ups, many families would rent the big beach houses for a week (not bad at all really and there are a TON of rental companies) many had enough rooms/beds to accommodate 20 or more... so we've hit, beach, city nearby with great historical sites and shopping and night life if anyone were so inclined... and Fantastic restaurants too for any night everyone decided they didnt want to cook. and if memory serves these rentals were round about $1,700.00 for the week... which split up, would not be terrible at all! travel/food... just my two cents and food for thought. XOXO

jd said...

ack btw, that last one is Heather, hubs must have logged into his account on my comp.. sorry gals for any confusion..

Fen said...

September might be out of the question for me. It's way too close to my due date and I'm not even sure about August...may be too close for comfort for me and hubby wouldn't like the idea of me traveling alone. I may have to miss this one :(

amyfine said...

any beaches in Wisconsin?

Bead Flora and Jewels said...

there certainly are beaches :)

jeanne said...

we went to door county wisconsin for vacation once ~ very pretty and quaint ~ but not warm. I do think the beach house rental is a good idea.