Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Next Retreat Survey

Just for your info, on the survey, there is a question with sample rental properties to take a look at. In the survey the links are not live, so to make it easier for clicking, you can click on the city links here, and it will take you to the properties. They are available, but are simply examples of what might be available. Once we decide on a location and dates, we'll have choices from one particular location to choose from. Once again, these are just EXAMPLES.

Michigan City, IN (on Lake Michigan, near Chicago and Gary, IN)

Grand Haven, MI (on Lake Michigan, near Grand Rapids, MI)

St. Augustine Beach, FL (on the Atlantic Ocean)

Gulf Shores, AL (near Mobile, AL and the Florida Panhandle)

Ashville, NC (the one mountain location, known to be really artsy)

Bethany Beach, DE (on the Atlantic Ocean)

Cayuga Lake, NY (near Ithaca, NY)

Some of these locations I'm familiar with, and some I know absolutely nothing about, especially the one in New York. Input from other Sweets will definitely be solicited when we get down to picking the actual spot.

1 comment:

ginny said...

Hey Elle, since the survey only allowed us to make one choice for best month, I chose September. However, any month except July is fine for me. :D

Thanks for gathering and compiling all the sweet info :D!